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29 July 2011


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Jennifer Fitz

Good idea. But how about just a carnival of homeschool rooms? People can post the link in your combox to wherever they saw fit to post their pics. You could eventually make a mega-post tour if you were feeling crazy.

[That said, I don't have a homeschool room. I have a homeschool house. But maybe I could borrow someone's camera and take pics of the relevant sites.]


I know a lot of people who have homeschool houses. So my thoughts are it could be to show the various workspaces/storage solutions/decor that works.

E.G. using a big laminated world map as a major focal point of the (ahem) "art" in my living room.


It sounds like you don't want to put a whole lot of work into it because this is just a seasonal thing, so you'll probably not want to go this way. But... if you decide to go with Flickr, you can invite other Flickr users who already have photos of homeschool rooms posted in their sets to add them to your pool. When I was adding quilting photos on a regular basis, I was asked to add a few of them to other people's photo pools.

A quick search for photos tagged with homeschool and homeschool room found some photos already there.

Oh I just saw your update. Dorian knows all the ins and outs of Flickr. Her domestic church Flickr pool is great.

Dorian Speed

Hey, thanks! We could do a mega-post tour, too. I like the idea of a photo pool because it is easier for lazy people to browse...

Let's get this party started!

Dorian Speed

Here's the photo pool at Flickr. I tried to contribute something valuable, but the truth is that I desperately need other people to contribute so that I can have some hope of learning from them.


Ok, I joined the group. How about i upload some photos and add some commentary over the weekend -- anyone else eavesdropping can too -- and then we publicize it Monday?

Dorian Speed

Sounds like a great plan!


How do you go about asking other people on Flickr if you can steal their photos for your photo pool? I did what Melanie did (searched for homeschool rooms) and nearly died of covetousness.

For, um, the photos.

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