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08 August 2011


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Dorian Speed

So, when I'm not logged into Flickr, I can't see any of the photos in the pool. Is that what we want? I thought we wanted the photos to be publicly viewable, but for us to approve submissions before they're added to the pool. I can't figure out what I need to change on the settings, though...


Yeah, I thought they were going to be public. The group says public, but like you, when I am not logged in to Flickr it says there is nothing in the pool; when I log in, the items you and I already uploaded appear.

I can't find anything wrong with settings either -- try help files?

Dorian Speed

I think the issue may be that your account is brand-new, based on the not-super-helpful help files. So this may resolve itself after a few days. Are your photos individually set to "public"? My two were set to "private", so I switched them, but they're still not visible unless a person is in the group.

What a grand experiment this shall be!


I am posting my pictures to my blog. Dorian - I will send you pictures of my Family Room/Homeschool Room.

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