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31 August 2011


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Great pics! I know you mentioned before that you bought a certain type of headphone set for the kids. I didn't need any then but need them now. Can you comment as to what kind they are?


They are made by Califone.

Christy P.

L is sleeping in Q's second favorite pose.


The last is definitely my favorite.

Can I peek over your shoulder a bit and ask about your kindergarten math curriculum. I've still not really settled on anything I like in terms of math for Bella.


Melanie - we use Saxon, but I like to use Saxon K as preschool math - what with all the manipulatives, it really has struck me as a good preschool program. Even if you weren't planning on sticking with Saxon, and I know many folks who don't like it, the kindergarten level has much to recommend it.

Saxon 2 and Saxon 1 have enormous overlap, something like half of the first grade level is repeated in level 2, and MJ is a good reader, so I am trying her out going straight from Saxon K to Saxon 2. So far so good.

Edited to add: so to clarify, MJ is working on Saxon 2nd grade level in the picture.

Margaret in Minnesota

I find it interesting that two of your children are lefties! Are either you or Mark?

Great pix, Erin.



In fact, *all six* of us are left-handed.

Barbara C.

Wow, your 100 board is so crisp and clean!! Ours has been scribbled on and crumpled and now it is completely MIA!!


I laminated it before we used it for the first time. Still going strong about seven years later!

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