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29 September 2011


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Ok, perhaps this is weird... But I think I would need to add a please to that prayer. As it is, it feels like a command to me, which makes me feel uncomfortable. But otherwise I like it and I think it makes for an excellent act of love. I appreciate the simplicity.


Well, you know, "please" in English is just a courtesy that is short for "...if you please," itself an archaic form of "...if it pleases you." I take it for granted that it pleases Jesus and Mary to save souls!


I love the way you think this through in your typical thorough, logical way. It never even occurs to me to ask the questions that you do, I just plow forward assuming I already know. I appreciate that you do ask them and that you then bang away at them until you find the answers. I love the simplicity of your solution too. That short little prayer is just lovely.

I think my favorite acts of love to Mary are the flowers my children bring to lay at her feet. Sometimes it's roses, sometimes dandelions. They make no distinctions, a flower is a flower, and I love that. Flowers are so perfectly superfluous and yet bring me such happiness.


Thanks for the kind words, Melanie. If only I could remember to, or would remember to, follow through with everything I once thought I had "figured out."

Flowers bring happiness precisely because they are superfluous, I think.


Oh yes, follow through. It's the curse of us intellectuals, isn't it? We figure it out and then feel satisfied with ourselves for solving the problem when of course the real solution is in the implementation.


Yes, of course. "The rest of the proof is left as an exercise for the reader."

Details, details!

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