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11 September 2011


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Barbara C.

I never considered them "losing" Jesus at the Temple as anyone's fault or sin but just kind of mix-up of circumstance. People can sure make a lot of mistakes or just be plain annoying without actually sinning. I often wonder if Jesus or Mary had any annoying but not sinful habits (a goofy laugh for instance); it's so easy to forget that they were real people, too.

In Michael's Gurion's book "The Wonder of Boys", he talks about how boys between 10 and 12 have a need to be kind of turned over to their fathers for guidance and discipline. A boy this age will still love his mom but in his developmental process of becoming a man he also has a neurological need to disassociate a bit from mom. I think this ties in well with Mary and Joseph finding Jesus "in his Father's house"; this would have been natural and healthy human development to loosen (but not sever) his ties with Mary and turn himself over to his Father.

Oh, and a Rosary ring might work well for you. It would be small and not as likely to tangle...for those odd times you get the urge. I've always had mixed feeling about the Rosary myself.

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