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21 September 2011


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I think the preparation is a huge reason I love the consecration! I come back to it now and again, even if I can't give it my full attention as I did the first few times I made/renewed my consecration. I rejoice that you're finding it fruitful!


I really hope I am not required to give it my full attention. Nothing ever gets that anymore.


I did the consecration in college the first time -way more time and brain space available. And by "full attention" I meant during the actual reading/prayers, not all day every day :) Now if I do it, it's maybe 3 days of the first 12, then maybe 3 of each week... on a good go round. It might just be coming back to read a couple of the readings from whatever week and then not coming back until the next major Marian feast is approaching.... But still, good stuff. Good reminders.

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