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25 September 2011


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LeeAnn Balbirona

Wow, thanks for those last three paragraphs. I'll be meditating on them all day and for a time to come, I think. Charity with pure intention, that is definitely a relevant and timely message for me!


It may not be correct, but I prefer the broader meaning of "purity" anytime except when the author clearly meant to restrict it to sexual purity or chastity. I probably need to investigate the Latin more, but it is complicated because more than one Latin term is translated as "purity" even in theological matters. In the Summa, St. Thomas Aquinas uses "pudicitia" and argues that it is a kind of chastity on the grounds that the word is related to the word for shame. But I have also seen "sanctimonia" for "purity" and "sine pollutione" translated as "pure," the last example being more in accord with my point,


Or, for example, in Matthew 5:8 "blessed are the pure of heart:" pure is a translation of mundus, -a, -um "clean, neat, elegant."

LeeAnn Balbirona

Charity itself is an interesting word! And I've been thinking about the meaning of Integrity all year. Neither are simply translated as love or honesty, when you get to the roots, they are much more complex and profound. When you can use word study to alter your intent and behavior, I think that's a kind of prayerful meditation and quite amazing. I've never read the Summa...shocking!! It's not in my path right now, I guess, but I appreciate you sharing what you've learned from it. :)


FWIW, I've never read the Summa either. I just googled "purity summa Aquinas" and read what came back...

LeeAnn Balbirona

LOL OK I feel less stupid now.


Love this series, Erin. You're dishing up lots of food for thought.


I was just talking about mixed motives with my sister this evening. She was pondering whether to do something or refrain where it would be a good thing to do but she couldn't be sure that some of her motivation for doing it was out of pride or desire for attention. I noted that our motives are seldom entirely pure and that I thought she shouldn't let her mixed motives prevent her from doing something that was good in itself. (Did I use the word pure? Or am I misremembering the conversation because it is a more apt word than the clunky phrase I probably actually employed?) Anyway, I'll have to pass this on to her because I think your conclusion about praying for purity of heart is exactly what we needed.

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