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09 September 2011


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#3: I felt the same way when I tried to read that book several years ago. I didn't finish and didn't do the consecration. Maybe I should try again and make it my prayer that God "help my unbelief".

#5: I still grapple with this same thing. I was raised in a strict fundamentalist, pentecostal home. I know I still have some of those ideas to exorcise, though I couldn't be more at home than I am in the Catholic Church. I think this is part of why a devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus is easier for me than a more in depth Marian devotion.

I am interested to see where this will lead you. I'm also interested to see where God will lead me over time...

Thanks for sharing your introspection with us!


Tabitha, I do see it reiterated here and there that some people just aren't going to connect with this devotion or that one. It is why there are so many to choose from...

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