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22 September 2011


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Barbara C.

"I think when the "will" is invoked he must be talking about obedience to the will of another"....I think that says it all. What you were describing earlier just sounded so pointless...kind of like how many angels can dance on the head of a pin.

I obviously haven't read what you have had, but it seems like the "renouncement of will" should have a purpose...like giving up something you enjoy in order to serve someone else (for instance, letting go of free time to play an extra game with the kids or do something hubby likes to do).


"what you were describing earlier sounded so pointless".

Definitely this describes a lot of what goes on in my head. It takes a while sometimes for me to recognize it as such.


I think you make an excellent point here about the confusion between "the will" and "self control" or "will power". Staying on the treadmill or going to that extra exercise class or forgoing that brownie or the third glass of vino is self control.


Thank you, Jennifer. I was pretty sure I had a point, but you did a better job than I of concisely figuring out what it was.

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