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12 September 2011


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LeeAnn Balbirona

I'm mushy in almost all those areas now. :) My youngest is five but I got progressively mushier with each child. My crunchiness is expressed in different ways perhaps...not so much the parenting. Though we don't have a game system! That's my holdout. LOL

Barbara C.

Out of curiosity, with your kids that were out of diapers by 18 months, were there still semi-frequent accidents for a year or more? And did you ever consider that there was more of burden on you to remind them to go frequently?

My older two were late trainers, but once they decided they were ready (at age 3) I didn't need to carry extra clothes or remind them anymore than I do now(i.e. "go before we leave the house). Right now I'm waiting for my current 3-year-old to decide she's ready to use the potty full-time, but I think she also has some fluid issues we need to work out.


I don't really remember the frequency of accidents. There must have been some. Was there more of a burden on me to remind them? -- Absolutely; in fact it goes beyond "reminding" and is more like "taking them to the toilet." For example, the first stop on any errand is always to the bathroom. But to me that still counts as out of diapers.

I dislike dealing with diapers for lots of reasons, so even if there is more reminding and some accidents, I have always felt happier to be out of them.


Mine that were out of diapers at 18-19 mo didn't have any more accidents then than they do now ;) Occasionally they will still get too engrossed in something to go soon enough. My first was "out of diapers" at 6mo, but I still had the accidents and reminders/taking, so that's why I'd call 18 mo the "independent" mark (hooray for the Baby Bjorn big potty). Having the first stop be the bathroom is something I see in lots of parents of preschoolers, no matter how they potty-learn. And all of my ECed babies were toilet-independent around 18 mo, even the boy I put into disposibles (because my "green" washer wouldn't wash his diapers clean...boo) and who decided he was opposed to potties on principle around 12 mo.

Erin, one of the things I love about your blog is that you are willing to have principles, to set goals and standards and then to reexamine them and rework or toss those that aren't serving your family where you are now. Such an inspiration and confirmation to me :) It seems like such an obvious thing, when I write it out, but it can be hard to see in the midst of life.



I like this post! Since I am still on baby number one, I sometimes worry that I won't be able to adhere to the same ideals for future children (very close to your list). One thing I'm curious about--how do you manage naps for cosleeping children? There have been many days where my son will not stay asleep if I am not with him, nursing, for much of the time. I worry that I won't be able to replicate that one for future babies!

Also, I am envious of your diaper-free success! Partly thanks to you, we have done EC part-time since my son was a newborn. Now, at 19 months, he uses the toilet regularly, but he is not anywhere near diaper independence. Maybe if I gave him a lot more diaper-free time, but the level of vigilance that requires from me is just too much...


My first three babies could all be "nursed down" -- I could lie down and nurse each one on my bed until s/he fell asleep, then I could wiggle free and sneak away. #4 wouldn't nurse down as a small baby -- the minute I moved he woke up -- so I tended to let him nap in the sling. After he got bigger he acquired the ability to nurse down. I still nurse him to sleep in the sling sometimes when I don't have time to lie down for 15 minutes!

But then my back hurts.


you forgot circumcision :)


Oh yes. Three boys and one girl, no genital mutilation. Can't imagine going back on that one. The best kinds of crunchiness are the ones that require inaction rather than action.

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