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28 October 2011


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Count me in the "it keeps me sane" group.


I have a bread machine, which is how I do it. But there are definitely things *I* do that keep *me* sane that are hard for others to understand sometimes.

Like for instance, it's Friday at 5 pm and I can't wait for Mark to get home so I can blissfully spend time cleaning out all my "in" trays in the schoolroom.

No, actually, that is the fantasy version of how I will spend my evening. In reality I'll probably crack open a beer for each of us and plop onto the couch and we'll put our feet up and hang out for a couple of hours. And then maybe send the kids to bed early and watch a movie. And stuff. But deep down I'm going to be wishing I was organizing my inboxes.




Thanks for pointing this out. I'm with Arwen. Baking bread keeps me sane. Perhaps there's a little bit of pride in it. A feeling that if I've made a loaf of fresh bread how bad can everything else be? I can't possibly be a terrible mother and a bad housekeeper I made fresh bread for Pete's sake.

I've had people express similar incredulity about how much I read. They couldn't possibly find time to read with all those kids. But I can't imagine not reading. I sneak into the bathroom and pull out my book when I need a little sanity break. Unless it sounds like the kids are killing each other, I ignore squabbles. I suppose I understand why to some people reading seems impossible, but for me it would be impossible not to read.


I am also an inveterate squabble-ignorer.

My friends and I had an epiphany of sorts when we realized that they assume all is well if the kids are quiet, and go to check on them when they start making a lot of noise; whereas I assume all is well if the kids sound like they're assaulting each other, and run to check on them when they suddenly go quiet.

Donna Jannuzzi

My "thing that keeps me sane" is scrapbooking. I get the, "How do you have time to do that?" comment often. The thing is, when you really love doing something you *make* the time to do it, no matter what it is. This holds true in all parts of life I think.


Yup. I can't see myself becoming a scrapbooker, but I can see how it could become a Thing That Keeps You

I might resolve to stop saying "how do you ever find the time for that?" and start saying simply "do you enjoy that a lot?"


I think we all no matter how "busy" (and I hate that term) find time to do the stuff that we enjoy, or the stuff that keeps us sane.

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