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30 October 2011


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Great idea! We've been getting pork and beef for over 15 years and every time we get it - I make a list. But, I was NEVER very good at crossing the items off. I can actually see your plan working at our house. Thanks

Amy F

Brilliant!! I too have had the only-up-to-date-for-a-month chest freezer problem and that looks like a great solution, at least for big things like the 1/4 beef we picked up last month. I could probably add my frozen fruit too, since that's done for the season. I suspect things I restock more often would be left off or forgotten, but if I at least knew the beef and fruit, I could handle hunting down the rest. Thanks so much!


Yes, this method isn't going to work for things you restock weekly. It would work for anything where you put a bunch of stuff in the freezer (or pantry) all at once, or at least you could do it right after you count what's in there. For instance -

- once a month cooking
- a bunch of meals made up in preparation for a new baby
- all your home-canned, home-frozen produce
- bulk deliveries from a frozen entree service
- a large warehouse purchase


- right after having inventoried the freezer so that you can use up old things before defrosting it

You could maybe adapt it a little bit by including some blank strips that you could write on later. I wouldn't bother with frozen groceries, but if I freeze an unexpectedly large batch of leftovers, I could use a reminder that they're in there so that I actually use them instead of letting them get buried.

Barbara C.

How long before one of the kids starts pulling things off for fun? ;-)


Barbara, they'd have to pick a lock AND climb on the chest freezer.

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