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19 October 2011


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Thsi meal to meal strategy makes alot of sense to me. I'm still in the "struggling with feeling hungry" mode and trying to move past it. I like the idea of creating alist of my favorite meals and portions izes to refer to for planning a meal or packing lunches. I may work on putting some of those together. Curious--how do you make your rice pilaf?


Oh, gosh, I make rice pilaf different every single time. Sometimes on the stove top, sometimes in the rice cooker. Sometimes it's just brown rice, sometimes it's got wheat berries or barley or wild rice in it. What it always has is chopped onion sautéed in olive oil, the dry grains briefly cooked in the oil before adding the liquid, and the liquid is chicken stock maybe with wine. I might add saffron if I want it to be nice and yellow.


Oh that sounds great! Thanks for sharing that recipe/technique.


One of the things that I learned through my epic battle with smoking is that it's ok to feel physical discomfort and it doesn't last forever. So I've carried this over to my eating life and I found that if I just let the hunger feeling pass, it usually subsides in 10 minutes or less.

For my weight maintenance I don't snack at all, but I will have 2 large eggs for breakfast (140 cals) and one piece of toast (80 or less), and 3 cups coffee and I can go 6 hours without feeling hungry. I pretty much make myself eat at 7 am and then have lunch at 1pm. Then I have dinner around 6 pm. I do this pretty much every day except for Sundays when I allow myself to graze like a cow:)
Good luck!

LeeAnn Balbirona

I am stuck at 25% through "Reamde." :P I will try and get back into it today....


This post really helped me get back on track. You have motivated me in health and faith and schooling, I think, too. Please find time to keep writing. My favorite stop!


Thanks for sharing this article. I am a Massage Therapist and I have believed in the importance of physical activity. I now have some research to back my rationale to implement at least 20 minutes per day of aerobic activity. I am going to search for some supplemental to jogging, jump ropes and kids aerobic dance dvd's so that I advise my clients to try incorporating exercise as a lifelong habit! I love the ideas of using stationary bikes, dance dance revolution type games etc. Thanks so much for your blog.

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