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27 October 2011


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Christy P

IMHO: refried-bean-and-cheese quesadillas are also good cold, particularly if the filling includes some pickled jalapeno slices.

Christy P

Try searching 'car snacks' on this blog: http://www.eatingfromthegroundup.com/
for some other ideas.

And, did you see the whole wheat and seed scones in NYT a couple of weeks ago? I found the link for you: http://www.nytimes.com/2011/10/03/health/nutrition/03recipehealth.html


Wow, you're on a roll, Christy.


What a good idea!

But why do I keep hearing Bill Cosby? "Wheat! Milk! Eggs! Chocolate cake for breakfast!"

Christy P.

Too bad it isn't a pain au chocolat.

Nearly all foods are banned from my car, but we don't drive much.

I thought that my son was one of those 'not breakfast' people of which I have heard but cannot personally understand, but we have recently figured out that even when he refuses solid food he will generally drink a smoothie.


Oooh yum! I may have to try those. Like you say muffins are rather crumbly for on the go; but pb&j can be messy and sometimes they turn their nose up at string cheese. We often need a mid-morning snack (aka early lunch) as grocery runs can last two hours door to door. There's no way for them not to be hungry during that length of time.

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