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29 November 2011


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I think the trick to good fitting jeans is the lycra content. If you find ones that have more stretch, they are much more comfortable. I personally like the ones at AT Loft and regular AT. I'm a big fan of the skinny jean because contrary to popular belief, the more stream lined fit makes people look slimmer. I learned that on "What not to Wear".


I agree about the higher lycra content. I have a pair of jeans from Old Navy that are pretty stretchy and pretty comfortable. They are about five years old, though, so I wouldn't assume I could buy the same thing now.

?Although the most comfortable jeans I ever owned were a pair of old broken-in Gap jeans that I bought at the Salvation Army back when I was in college. I wore them until they literally fell apart because they were beyond comfortable.

Christy P

I am consistently dismayed by the ever-changing landscape of clothing. As soon as I find something I like well enough to buy again it changes and isn't the same anymore. Sigh.


Yeah, I had some favorites from pre-2008 that I have been pining for. Sahalie used to sell fleece overalls. I lived in them in the winter. And I had this pair of (ostensibly maternity) pants, stretchy gaucho-type capris, that I wore CONSTANTLY. Nothing like them is anywhere to be found. I saved them in case of future pregnancy.

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