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04 November 2011


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I love St. Frances. Thanks so much for posting this!

My dad travels a lot so St. Christopher is one of his favorites. He isn't the patron of cars, but he is of travelers, transportation, etc.


Jennifer Fitz

Frances of Rome rocks! I was her for our CCD All Saints Party this year. She's super cool.


All true marriages are arranged marriages, because our younger selves set them up for the older men and women we will become.

My daughter and I were discussing arranged marriages and we actually got to this this point in the discussion, but not nearly so elegantly. Nice, I like it! : ) Also, very interesting about St Frances of Rome.... I enjoyed learning more about her.


Oops, the html didn't work in my comment -- the first sentence above was a quote from your post.

sister mary martha

St. Frances Cabrini is the patron saint of keeping your car on the road. Do a quick search on my blog for her story.


Wow, a cameo from Sister Mary Margaret! Lucky us.

I was just telling my dad and stepmom last night that Mother Cabrini was the patron saint of auto troubles, so I guess she would work for traffic too.

Must be something about the name Frances. (My daughter's middle name, btw.)

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