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16 November 2011


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That certainly tracks with my triathlon experience this summer - I got about 100 meters into the swim, and the feeling of people near my legs freaked me out enough to mess up my breathing. It was an odd sensation, because I wasn't scared, particularly, but I was panting and couldn't control my breathing.

I was able to tread water and slow down my breathing, but when I put my face back in the water for the craawl, I started panting again, so I ended up doing the sidestroke for the next 100 meters or so. After that, I was fine again.

I still enjoyed the overall experience enough to want to do another tri, but I'll make sure to start in the back of the pack next time - I didn't have a problem with the lake swim, but having people brushing up against my legs wasn't so good.

Kim (in IA)

I have resigned myself to doing mostly breast stroke in triathlons. I used to strive for better times but now I take it easy. It is a better view that way. I actually like swimming distances in the open water. Even with that mindset, I still feel anxious while I'm waiting and for the first section of the swim and whenever the competitive pull to go faster hits me.

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