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31 December 2011


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Really interesting; I always enjoy your weight maintenance posts. Looking forward to the half-a-sandwich post. I struggle with sandwiches myself.

Just curious what you mean by a "two-thumbs-sized slice." I'm envisioning a triangular slice of pie that's the width of two thumbs at its widest point, but I'm thinking that's probably not what you mean.


Pie isn't the best example. Think brownies and other parallellopiped desserts for calibration purposes.

The point isn't to have an exact measurement -- if i was going for an exact measurement (and I have done this) I would use a mini electronic scale and weigh the slice. It is, literally, to have a "rule of thumb." It is possible to have some variation in the size of a dessert, quite a lot in fact, eyeballing the size with the two-thumbs rule, but what isn't possible is to have a wedge of pie the size of my hand and then tell myself I had the two-thumbs size.

The habit of "checking" the size of the pie against a handy standard (one that doesn't require carrying a scale or a ruler around) is the important thing.

But to answer your question, probably a one-thumb width (at the crust) of most pies is the same size as a two-thumbs brownie, but realistically I am going to go with a two-thumbs width as the standard pie slice, because I like pie more than brownies.

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