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15 December 2011


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I love that double boiler! The ingenuity of small children is delightful.

I know exactly what you mean both about the vagueness about the personhood of a young child and the excitement of discovery. I remember marveling in my first year of motherhood that anyone could be bored as a stay at home mother. Were these women not paying attention to the amazing little being in their care? Now I suspect most of the women who are "bored" are extroverts who aren't getting enough social interaction and really are suffering. But for me the process of discovery of the capabilities and personality of my newborn was (and continues to be) intensely gratify on an intellectual level as well as emotionally satisfying.


I think that false image, given on TV, or the other one, of babies being SUCH a burden (keeping the poor parents up all night because the baby is sleeping in another room across the house and, can you believe it, hungry, again?)affects society's impressions such that they begin to see them that way and why abortion IS so prevalent.
If Hollywood chose to show motherhood and the bond between them and the baby perhaps things would be different.

Thanks for the beautiful post. And #4 is both smart and cute.

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