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16 December 2011


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Me too - and quite true. I was at a function a few weeks ago and realized I have absolutely no ability to make small talk with people outside the Catholic and/or homeschooling bubble I inhabit. Granted, small talk was always a challenge for me, but this was really awkward and awful!


It's not that I'm unable to make conversation about other things, it's just that folks start edging away after a few minutes.


Yes, I know what you mean. Either I can think about nothing at all or I start talking about something I feel passionate about and they start edging away. I guess I should either get out more and get more practice, or I should never go out. This last time I tried to listen carefully to how people were making small talk and I realized how many of their comments were a thinly veiled way to talk about themselves - since I had no interest in talking about myself it wasn't very helpful... But since I am good at feigning eager interest in whatever a person is going on and on about I do ok once someone gets started.

Jennifer Fitz

I'm so glad I'm not alone!


Too bad *you're* never at the parties I find myself at.

(not that there are that many of them)


What I find disappointing is that these topics are becoming "taboo" in everyday talk. If we are supposed to be so accepting in today's modern culture, then why aren't listening to people talk about these things? (That was meant ironically, in case that wasn't clear.)

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