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08 December 2011


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Jennifer Fitz

Your song is so much better than "Deck the Jaws of Arian Heretics [fa-la-la . . .]" and "I Saw Santa Smacking Arius". I had to make myself stop singing those.

I love St. Nicholas.


I really like the concept of "I Saw Santa Smacking Arius.". Tempted to begin writing lyrics now.


This is the funniest post you have ever written. I read it while lying beside the not-quite-sleeping toddler, stifling snorts of laughter unsuccessfully the whole way through.


Really? This is my best? Things HAVE been slow around here.


Oh, no, not the best post you have ever written -- just the funniest. You have never before made me laugh out loud that many times in one post, and laugh out loud just as much on a re-read. (rotten / begotten -- hee hee!)


I am so tempted to put off doing my miles long to-do list to compose more St. Nicholas spinoff songs! So funny!

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