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20 December 2011


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Christy P.

Copied from And Sometimes Tea...

Our family lives far from family and has developed our own traditional holiday meal -- Chicago style pizza (recipe from Cooks Illustrated).

For Christmas Eve, I am inviting neighbors for several types of fish including: pickled herring (DH family tradition), fish chowder (new this year from current Cooks Illustrated), ceviche (purchased from local Mexican vendor), and possibly shrimp remoulade (January 2012 Bon Appetit) and fish sticks (I have young kids).

I'm all about the notion of embracing what will bring joy to your family and not being bound by *tradition*. We hope that there will be sufficient snow for cross-country skiing on Christmas, and if that is the case we might ditch the pizza and have tomato soup (canned from the garden in August) and quesadillas with a bottle of wine for the adults and call our day a success!

Christy P.

Update: have a party planned for Christmas Eve, but no guests! Flexibility is a good thing.


Wish I could come to your party, C, but that would definitely complicate our Christmas plans. I happen to love pickled herring.

It was fun to go over there to Red's and read all the responses.

Christy P.

With just our family it will likely be reduced to pickled herring (kids love it, too), fish chowder, No Knead Bread, and cake - type TBD, but perhaps the Moosewood lemon poppyseed because everyone likes that.

Christy P.

Oh, and the outlook for cross-country ski-able snow is grim. Might be doing the cut the wine bottles with acetone and string craft instead (e.g. http://jaimelyn11.blogspot.com/2011/07/cutting-glass.html )


Beef Bourguinon, artisan bread, buttered noodles and green beans. Seriously. This year was the beginnng of a new tradition. Make the boule (or rye - or both) recipe from Artisan bread in 5 minutes a day up to a week ahead of time, then on cooking day it literally tkaes 10 minutes of work to turn out an AMAZING loaf of fresh baked bread, and you can make the beef borguignon recipe a day or two ahead of time. Reheating it allows the flavors to blend very nicely, and you only really have to "work" for the noodles and green beans.... I used the Julia Childs recipe this year. Next year, I will most likely use the recipe from "Don't Panic, More Dinner's in the Freezer" - an altogether AMAZING book.....


Oh hey Marybeth,good to hear from you again! It has been a while!

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