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07 December 2011


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I've been in one of those long periods of self-doubt where I have no confidence that anything I write will be of interest to anyone else. It barely interests me.

As far as my blog reading habits go, however, I'd always rather read something than nothing, so other people's less than stellar posts are still welcome to me.

And I like this post. It does what the best blog posts do, which is let me know I'm not alone.

Christy P

I thought your lack of blogging was just to torment me ;-)


Well, I'm glad to hear that at least someone is listening... RSS readers are a wonderful thing.


I'm here too. Solo bedtimes are exhausting -- go ahead and grumble occasionally.

Melanie B

For me one reason I'm not blogging as much is I'm spending more time leaving comments on other people's blogs and on Facebook. It seems easier to find the time to toss off a few comments than to craft a post. And maybe the weight of the uncompleted post about my grandmother is also weighing me down. For everything I post that's not that one I feel a bit guilty.

Margaret in Minnesota

Call us sometime when you're on Day 3--we'd be happy to come visit.


Thanks Margaret! I may take you up on that in January -- there are at least two Day 3s in my future next month.


Yeah, what Betty said. I liked this post. And it's cold at my house. We all need to gather 'round the bonfire with our steaming mugs in hand.


Maybe you should turn to song lyrics as another block-buster :)

Glad to hear your family's learning is going so well :)

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