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05 January 2012


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I feel like this might be revolutionary for me. And that brie, ham and apple sandwich sounds amazing.


Yeah, my all time favorite sandwich is probably turkey, apple, and blue cheese, but ham and Brie and green apple is up there too.

Barbara C.

Two things struck me. First of all, YOU HAVE A SKYLINE CHILI YOU CAN GO TO???? I would kill for them to put a Skyline Chili near me...I have to go back to Kentucky to get some.

You have an abhorrence of cutting cheeseburgers in half, but I have always cut hamburgers (except the flat fast food variety) in quarters before I eat them. I think it started when I was a kid and a large burger just seemed so over-whelming. But then again I don't like salad on my burgers...I can't stand warm lettuce or tomatoes.

Oh, and a third thing...that Milio's looks suspiciously like something from the Jimmy John's chain around here. I wonder if it's the same thing with a different name.


No, I don't have a Skyline near me. I wish I did! But I always visit it in Cincinnati over Christmas.

Milio's and Jimmy John's are definitely different organizations. We have both around here.


This is so awesome. I love that you calculate aspect ratios. I would have left it at "it's aesthetically displeasing".

Also you guys drive a lot. And eat out lots. Culture shock!


Re: driving and eating out a lot, the last two and a half weeks were unusually heavy on this because of traveling for Christmas. I can expect to be home now for a while.

But I kept it up and had a half grilled cheese sandwich for lunch yesterday (this was not too painful as we all had them and I served them cut in halves already anyway).

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