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30 January 2012


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Christy P.

Most interesting part to me is that I was sent this from someone not from our high school initially. Cue small world theme.


I think this meme is going to move rapidly. I know when I shared it it got re-shared by several people who I know are in larger networks.


That is so hilarious! I'll have to have my dh read it tonight and see what he thinks. I have definitely called him (he's the principal!) at work to deal with a child who won't do their work. so funny!!!

jen ambrose

I love this in every possible way

LeeAnn Balbirona

It took me a long time to figure out where I knew Ryan Gosling from but I found this so hilarious from the very first moment I saw it. And I don't even homeschool any more.


I have no idea who Ryan Gosling is. But I keep looking at all of these and literally laughing out loud. I love these!

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