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25 January 2012


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It's funny, you ask why you have to keep learning this over and over. It seems to me quite clear that this isn't a lesson you are failing, but rather an ongoing scientific experiment of What It Takes To Keep Bearing In Equilibrium Weightwise. Believe me, I get the frustration, but you tested a hypothesis with regards to a complex system, and it didn't give you the results you needed. Next!



Yes, yes, yes. Thank you for reminding me.

Theoretically, no experiment is a failure (as long as the apparatus works), but it is ever difficult for the observer to maintain the proper detachment...


Do you think these exercises - habit listing and making steps a few at a time - could work for someone in the weight loss phase as well as it does for your weight maintenance phase? I haven't started eating habits work but have a stellar exercise habit in place since November. Mostly I stress eat so I would probably start with a few habits to begin that relate to those weaknesses. Maybe you would say of course. . . or maybe it is too slow an approach for someone who has 40 lbs to lose. I am going to reread your journey of weight loss soon. But knowing what you know about yourself now, might you have taken this approach from the start? Thanks.


Good question, Christine -- I am going to answer in a full post.

Amy F

I just made a version of your chart related to my own maintenance weight. I hit my minimum around May, about a pound under my target weight. Since then, I seem to be headed a pound or two above it. This morning I saw a higher number than I'd seen in a few months and I was inspired to hunt down your rules and approach so I could do something other than wish the scale said a lower number. I'm not sure if I'll implement your original habit-toggling or the newer version, but I needed a graphical way to tell myself that I was going the wrong direction and it's not a fluke day. I counted calories for 3 months and I don't want to do that forever, but it was so easy to be accountable to myself when I did that. I think I need to determine some rules on snacking that would fit the almost-always habit. At one point I realized that I could lose a fair amount of weight so long as I only snacked on days when I worked out. Being at maintenance instead of 25 lbs over, I can probably relax that a bit, but not eat trail mix at 2pm and ice cream at 10pm.


Amy F, I think it does help just to have almost any sort of algorithm in mind: when I see *this* I do *that.*

Long-term weight charting helps you see, more than anything, the things that you *don't* need to panic about. For example, it's pretty obvious that any day after I've been in a car driving all day somewhere, my weight will spike as much as 5 pounds -- my theory is that it has to do with sodium content of road food, but who knows -- but it goes away reliably after 2 days of clean eating. So the "road food spike" doesn't scare me anymore.

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