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25 January 2012


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This IS staged, but really the only way you can tell is that everything in the lab is too clean.


Oh, and the girl pipetting is holding it at the wrong angle, so she won't get an accurate reading. The only reason you'd pipet at an angle like that is if it was really viscous. Which it might be. It wouldn't surprise me that much if the orange stuff was some sort of concentrated HFCS that gets diluted into a large carboy of water, and would therefore contain some sort of intense coloring. Additive laced water is usually colored, so no one randomly mixes up the bottles between groups.


According to the caption on a photo lower down, the contents of the pipette is, in fact, orange soda.

I am personally horrified and revolted by the idea of putting a product intended for human consumption in labware at all.

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