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06 January 2012


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Kim (in IA)

I was startled to see this as well. Glad you called. Thanks for the info, I just sent an e-mail to the editor.

Kim (in IA)

My e-mail to elindstrom@caruspub.com bounced. Hmmm...


The phone number I called is on the inside front cover of the magazine - not the 800 number, but 603-924-7209. If you wait through the recording, it will connect to a human being. If you choose the "directory" option it will give you a list of extensions including the whole staff.

Bonnie Mattaliano

Kudos, Kim for speaking out. I agree with you and am surprised you found this where you did. It is inappropriate and in poor taste. Thanks for speaking out for the many of us who can't, but I know, would.

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