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01 February 2012


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Christy P.

Come to Utah - with 4 you just hit our average. With *only* two I'm an odd duck here.


Heh, perhaps the value of k is negative in UT.


Though I just looked it up, and at least in 2006 the total fertility rate in Utah was "only" 2.63 children per woman. That is only half a kid more than in Minnesota, but it sure makes for a different feel. One tends to notice outliers.

Amy F

I love it! Mmm, nerdy math thoughts...


I live on the US/Mexico border (El Paso, TX) and truly don't get negative comments here. Not that many families have 7 kids, but many people are FROM families that were large. Our priest is from a family of 15!

I do feel the stares and negative vibes when we travel, though!

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