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23 February 2012


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Brigid wants to know if you have ever gotten into the wrong car by accident?


That is absolutely hilarious! Our closest friends drive the same van as we do and our children are forever trying to climb into the wrong one as we park next to each other at different church/event/museum parking lots.

They have a pro-life license plate and ours is Notre Dame. I suppose that gives the impression that we have our priorities wrong. But we do have a nice pieta sticker on the window!


None of us have any bumper stickers, but we can tell the vans apart by where the dents are.


We have actual license plates, not bumper stickers. Our state had a really ugly standard plate one year, so the special plates got really popular.

Amy F



Greg and I were loving the picture and at the same time trying to figure out whose house it is. Did the T_____s do a remodel?

[edited by bearing to remove surname]


Yes, Deanna, they did! It's the main reason why it has been so long since we tried school at their house :)


Can we really get a compound some day? Oh goody! Who will write our manifesto to stick on the gate and who will stock pile the board games to while away the hours during the coming cataclysm. (Okay I know who will be in charge of the board games)


I thought we already had a stockpile of board games. Or maybe it was just boards.


I'm trying to think of the name of the cult that revolves around maroon minivans.

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