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18 February 2012


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Barbara C.

I'm glad you all had such an excellent trip. It's such a beautiful post with lots of food for thought, even for a non-skier like me. ;-)


We drove through the Badlands two summers ago and I loved it. We also survived nearly driving off a hair pin turn during a freak summer hail storm in the Black Hills, so perhaps my love of the Badlands was more of relief. Anyway, you make a wonderful point about balancing the needs of older children with the younger ones. I still feel a hinge of sadness and guilt when I think about the times when my oldest child needed me and I had to put his needs behind the baby's.


Great, great post. So many of your insights here are helpful to me in thinking about our own family life.

I think the point you made about the 2yo needing to accommodate the 11yo is a good one. We have five children under age 6, and I do feel like the older children (both 5yo) don't get to do certain things or that we don't do certain things as a family because of all the littles. We have never left any of our children with a babysitter except during our hospital birth, and although that has been a really important "rule" for our family (babies always get to be with Mommy or Daddy), I see it starting to interfere with our ability to take advantage of fun/valuable opportunities. My husband and I are starting to reconsider that rule in light of the changing needs of the whole family structure for the reason you mentioned: 5yos don't keep either. And leaving the babies with the grandparents now and then so we can head to a museum with just the big kids isn't going to hurt anyone, I don't think. Great food for thought.

Amy F

I hope that biking continues as a family activity for my crew. We can incorporate toddlers (although not really babies) into it, it's possible year-round for the hard-core types in MN, and I like the transition that the trail-a-bike and trailer allow us as the kids get strong enough to power themselves.

My plan this spring is to bike home with the kids on Fridays unless the weather interferes. I've done it before, but this year the 8 year old will have to ride on his own so the 5 year old can use the trail-a-bike, so we will have to work up to the 8 mile distance. There are lots of parks along the way that I'm happy to stop at. We'll see how it goes.


I enjoyed reading this so much even though I've never been skiing so I didn't understand half of what you're saying. I can understand the satisfaction though of having an enjoyable family past time and seeing your children master skills as they grow.

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