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21 February 2012


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Christy P.

In case anyone was wondering -- mom working outside the home does not preclude extended breastfeeding, or as I like to say, normal breastfeeding.

Barbara C.

I really, really liked this response. Dana Goldstein's original article was so full of ignorance that I couldn't believe that people were taking it so seriously.


There is a stark contrast between Goldstein's "progressivism" and the values of every parent I know. In Goldstein's world, parents sacrifice the good of their children to achieve some "good" defined by the government. Parents I know make choices for the good of their children, and have the greater societal benefits as a secondary goal. Even the most liberal parent I know selected the "best" Minneapolis public school for his kids, not the neighborhood school.

Dorian Speed

Very glad to read this. I'd seen the original piece but not the response.

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