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04 February 2012


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I know exactly what you mean about the promises. Sometimes I think - I will do any practice or penance You want me to do, Lord, but just don't promise me anything!! I am not sure if that is a lack of trust or faith or what. I feel the same way about indulgences too. Maybe there is some pride there too? As in I am so spiritually advanced (ha!) that I don't need a promise to make me do something good.

I have done practices where I intentionally do not read the promises attached. I guess I really fear cheapening my motivation by thinking too much on the promise.


I have to laugh at the superstition angle. I have that very discussion with a friend, frequently. I abhor doing something out of superstitious fear. I have to have a more dignified reason behind it. Wearing the scapular or the chapel veil to remind me to be chaste, humble and strive for purity of intention and heart. Novenas and the rosary to deepen my spiritual life. Perhaps it is my own version of "holier than thou", but if so, I hope that, too will be purified in the practice.

A side note: I did alot of these various devotions as a child in Catholic schools. Have the promises been manifested in my life over 30 years later? I think so. I fell victim to temptation - nah, I succumbed more than willingly. Even left the church for awhile. Eventually I reformed my life and came back, this time with a firm resolve to do better. So I believe even a childish or superstitious motivation can be purified in the practice of the amazing devotions available to us as Catholics.


Thank you for the comment, Robyn.

I agree -- there is something effective just in the act of deciding to do instead of to not do.

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