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03 February 2012


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Ah, sleep. I just had a 2 hour nap with my baby, she's been waking up every two hours at night for a month, so it was much needed for both of us... Can you schedule a naptime for those who need it?


I would really like to add in a naptime for everyone, frankly. I've never been able to figure out how it would work. But I should ask my 11yo how he would feel about a nap, or at least a daily opportunity to go read a book quietly in his bedroom if he wants.


The week is not a problem with me and our teenagers, esp my 16 yr old son. The problem occurs when he doesn't have anything to wake up for on Sunday and he sleeps really late (we like to go to the noon Mass) and then he can't go to sleep Sun night and Mondays a bust.

The summer time is really problematic because my husband needs to be up early for work and if the teens are staying up really late every night, they keep us up. So last summer I found my son a job with the local DPW where he had to show up at the recycling center at 8am. He was done by 1pm. We had the best summer ever because he had to go to bed at a decent hour to wake up early.

However, having suffered from periodic sleep issues - mainly insomnia for a few periods of my life- my response to my teens when they complain about being tired is that it is not going to kill you. Dale Carnegie's "How to Stop Worrying and Start Living" changed in my life with his chapter on insomnia.


My teen seems to need more sleep than anyone else here. She's able to adjust due to our flexibile schedule. But, we ALL have a 45 minute rest break every day. They are all separated and can look at or listen to books (my older kids have more school work and are allowed to work solo then). Sometimes they fall asleep. Either way, my kids now tend to "shut down" mentally for a short bit every day at 1:00. Hopefully my college bound kid can arrange her schedule next year to accomodate that :)

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