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28 March 2012


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I really do think that it breaks down to two theories of government: James Madison or Thomas Jefferson. If you think government should be involved in private commerce (ie private life) than you in Madison's camp. If you think that the government should stay out of commerce, Jefferson.
I live in an area (metro NYC) where the predominant voting block is Democrat (why? because we're Irish/Jewish/dad/grandpa was a cop/firefighter/union man). I don't think many people have ever given it much thought why they vote the way they do, but if they understood the two different theories of government, they may find that they don't agree with their party, democrat or republican.


I think this is very true.

And I agree that it runs both ways across the general population, although I think I could make the case that liberals are worse in the hyper-educated (legal) circles I run in. I've seen some of my liberal law school friends post the crudest, most inane caricatures of conservative positions. When I see crude caricatures of liberal positions, they tend to be from high school friends and family members who are more "blue-collar" (for want of a better term). My conservative legal friends (there are a few) tend to stay quiet and avoid political discussions in ideologically mixed company.

One theory I have is that my highly educated liberal friends were told by their parents that to be liberal is to be "open-minded." And they know they're liberal, so they believe that credential automatically makes them open-minded. They don't have to literally, you know . . . open their minds.


Didn't anyone catch the irony that this post takes the position that the SG appears not to understand conservative justices because, well, he is foolish? ;). Foolish enough to underestimate his opponents? To think their opinions and theories unworthy of examination, even to defeat them?

It is hard to figure out why this supposedly brilliant lawyer is not doing such a great job. I do want to acknowledge that I am just guessing. Maybe I identified "foolish" as the most likely reason because of my own biases against the side he is arguing. But there are other possibilities.

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