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07 May 2012


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I would suggest having them read Humanae Vitae - it's not long, and it's eminently intelligible. I asked my (non-Catholic) husband to read HV before we were even engaged, so that he would know where I stood and could engage with the topic, and he found it sensible and readable. Instead of sticking a Catholic Update in the back, just stick the thin paperback Humanae Vitae from Pauline Media in there :) (disclaimer: I am a mathematician, my husband is a scientist, and we took NFP classes from a fire safety engineer, so my experience may be more weighted toward intellectual argument than that of many of the couples your reader is addressing).

Barbara C.

To be honest, I don't know if our sponsor couple practiced NFP or not...probably not, though. Marital chastity was a topic that was just never addressed in any form.

I don't think sponsor couples should necessarily be asked if they use NFP, but they should definitely be expected to know the Church's teaching on birth control, abortion, and marital chastity and uphold them in their role even if they privately disagree and/or do not practice them.

I don't think a lot of sponsor couples, though, really go through any vetting process or preparation. I think in some parishes they are just thankful to have couples willing to do it at all that they don't get too picky.

Erin in KY

Thank you for your responses. My husband and I were asked to speak for a few minutes on our experience with NFP in our sponsor couple training and I brought my little copy of HV just to let the other couples know it is a short read. The problem is we are in a highly concentrated Catholic area and not many have ever been challenged so many don't know the faith. Couples would be responsible for purchasing their own copy to hand out, I don't see that happening...However I could offer a link to an e copy...I want to teach the sponsor couples about their faith to arm them to teach these engaged couples and hopefully everyone has a stronger marriage and we have a stronger community, etc, etc! Please send my more ideas!!! The meeting is next Wednesday.

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