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12 May 2012


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LeeAnn Balbirona

Yes and yes. Nothing more intelligent to add this morning, but I agree. Remembering the differing kinds of gluttony (too much, too fast, too delicate, etc), it is a matter of self-discipline on more than one front. Not just what I eat, but how; there will never be any magic formula of food that I can eat in limitless amounts without having to worry about using restraint eventually. Because restraint itself is good, I think. Hope you had a good mother's day! I finally learned to like shrimp after decades of saying I didn't like shellfish of any kind. It was a milestone! haha

Jennifer Fitz

I think it's a little bit confusing because there's a group of people who put on weight, or lose it, by simple lifestyle change. Cutting out seconds, going for a walk . . . it's not difficult or complex for them. A calorie is a calorie, more or less, and gluttony and sloth are the two strings you pull to make the machine get bigger or smaller, stronger or weaker.

And then there's everyone else. But I'm going to guess the situation has long been confusing because the successful dieters were the ones who really could just cut out an extra bowl of ice cream and lose the ten pounds, no problem.


Help me work on gluttony. Point me in the right direction!

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