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15 May 2012


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LeeAnn Balbirona

Wow, 2 oz protein (minimum) is far below what I would have expected to be necessary for an adult but I can see that upping the veggies with fats & oils could offset the reduced protein intake. Right now I eat 3 eggs for breakfast daily, that's 3 oz (85g) right there.

You've rounded up some of my all-time favorite bearing posts here. :)


LeeAnn, you're calculating wrong. Three eggs isn't three ounces of protein; there's a lot of water in an egg. One egg is only six grams of protein -- so three eggs is eighteen grams of protein, only a little more than half an ounce.

When you say an adult needs 2 oz protein, you're right, but that's 2 oz *pure* protein, not 2 ounces of a protein-containing food.

LeeAnn Balbirona

OH! Thank God for detail-oriented people that can do the math correctly. :D I was starting to feel...gluttonous!


I appreciate these specifics, too.

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