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18 May 2012


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You are so awesome, bearing! This last series of posts is so helpful, tying it all together as they do. And this particular post is (in my opinion) one of the best changing-your-eating posts ever in the history of the internet (that I've read).


This is all so insightful. Thanks for thinking about this and laying it all out here.

Lower-carb eating has definitely transformed how I think about cravings, willpower, and my relationship with food. It's so much easier to do the right thing that now, when I look back, I am much easier on my old self. I was doing the wrong things for so long and just didn't know it.

But you're right; even with one's insulin levels evened-out, old habits can persist and one has to deal with them to truly get getter.

The word "gluttony" doesn't really resonate for me personally (maybe because I'm not religious); just thinking about it as "bad habits" suffices for me. And as you suggest, I've found that small changes to my habits are what sticks.


I can not tell you how much I enjoy and truly appreciate your sharing of this information. You have inspired me yet again.


I agree -- this series is really good. Have you read about the No S Diet? I would be very interested to get your take on it.


@Rebekka -- wow, that is pretty high praise. I was thinking of this as more sort of a theoretical post, so can I ask -- what about it makes it a good "changing-your-eating" post?

@Delores: I am a big proponent of No-S. I think it will need to be tweaked a little bit by the individual user, but not unless a plateau is hit -- it is a great place to start.

@Lisa -- not only is it that habits persist after the blood sugar is ironed out, but it requires a lot of self-control to deal with the cravings and such when you first get started. Anti-gluttony.


Gah! I literally ate the cake this weekend at a graduation party -- took the second slice that was offered, even though I knew I didn't really need it. You convict me. I convict myself.

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