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26 June 2012


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I'm finding this fascinating! I grew up completely uninterested in alcohol, my parents drank whatever was the cheapest beer, and... it just never appealed to me.
Now, I live in New Orleans, where drinking is almost required. And starts as soon as you can possibly imagine! I've developed--not exactly a *taste* for beer or wine, but more like a *tolerance* for them. I'd like to know more--maybe I'll check out that book, too. I can't wait for the next post!

Barbara C.

This post just totally reinforces that I am SO NOT a foodie!! Other than the very occasional pina colada, I have never personally understood how wine or beer (which I find yucky tasting) could enhance a meal. [Exception made for the Eucharist, of course, which is not really bread and wine anymore.]

And I certainly could never justify the expense of alcohol or taking up valuable space in the fridge with it.

But to each her own...best wishes on your journey with beer. :-)


Mmm. Beer. It's taken me a while to admit that I like beer much more than wine. Wine seems so much more grown up.

Also not really an IPA fan. I like dark beers that have sweet undertones, although wheat beers are nice in the summer. My husband likes light-colored beers - we always joke that he drinks the girl beers and I drink the guy beers. Whenever we go to a cafe we have to switch after the server gives us our drinks, because they always give me the light one.

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