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09 June 2012


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I think the other category of "bad idea" might simply be the good idea that I wrote about when I was all full of excitement about its novelty and then what really happened is I stopped doing as soon as I hit post on the blog entry but I never wrote about that part of it. I think my blog is most guilty of that. I write about a new scheme when it's just occurred to me and then my follow-through just isn't there. But I sometimes imagine this blog reader who sees those posts and imagines my life as this perfect continuation of all the plans I ever had that never made it out the starting gate. I think it's perhaps hardest to write about those bits though because there is no real punch line and frankly because I tend to mentally shove them under the rug.

Jennifer Fitz

Okay, I'm in. Took me 24 hours and two cups of coffee, but I think you've got something here. Want to pick a day of the week and make a festival of it? [Um, which might then turn out to be a bad idea? See, two cups of coffee. Dangerous.]

BTW I'm with Melanie -- I just get SO excited about new ideas and plans, and have to tell the world. My brain is kinda out of control.

And I think your co-schooling blogging is awesome. It makes me jealous, but not very very jealous in a sinful way. It's an excellent model that ought to be more widely used.

Sarah Reinhard

Love the idea!


I am a little afraid to try another "festival." Right now I am leafing through my huge mental stash of Bad Ideas trying to think of one that I can write about at longer length than "IT DIDN'T WORK SO I QUIT."


My bad idea is to write something before you give us an example.

My good idea is to wait until you give us an example.

Jennifer Fitz

Yeah, okay. I agree. Festival is a bad idea, sort of. But what about a monthly one? Or how about this: What about some place that people could link, or comment with a link, their good ideas / bad ideas?

Jen <-- admits she is full of bad ideas, and this could well be one of them.


How about you just put your link in the comments and I promise to round it up?

EDITED TO ADD: I mean, this time around. If we get some enthusiasm, then we'll see about making it a recurring thing. One challenge at a time.

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