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29 June 2012


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I don't disagree with the claims against HBC, but to suggest that condoms are useless against the spread of HIV and other STDs seems downright criminal.

I wish we could make the case for NFP to this next generation without dangerous misinformation- we gain zero credibility when we do so.


Yeah, I've begun delving into the site and will probably post a highly critical, hopefully constructive, piece on it as soon as I have compiled enough points.

In the meantime you can see my comments deep in the thread at his Patheos link -- the introductory blog post.

Barbara C.

The website sounds good in theory, but I, too, would want to make sure that all of the research is sound before sharing it on Facebook. I'll look forward to seeing your review, Erin.


Yeah, I haven't taken the time to dig into the studies cited, but a lot of them strike me as unlikely to hold up very well. And although 10 years ago I would have been convinced that the "100% organic sex" approach to pitching NFP to a secular audience would make total sense, having been married a lot longer now, I'm not sure that pitching NFP as the sex equivalent of being vegan or eating all organic or some such is actually likely to be all that successful for the long term. Driving trial isn't the same thing as driving adoption.

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