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01 June 2012


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I'm not sure I'll ever get to the point where cigarette smoke smells good to me, no matter how nostalgic I get for college days. Being an asthma trigger makes it have too negative an association. But I understand what you mean about how bad smells can have that nostalgia factor. Right now I can't think of anything that does the same for me. Then again, I'm in the first trimester and almost any smell gets my nausea going, so all I can think of is how innocuous smells can make me gag and choke just because I smelled them previously when I was in this stage of pregnancy. Like that perfectly innocuous prenatal vitamin that I took when I was pregnant with Bella that had a sort of candy coating. I think it was a vanilla sort of smell rather like Tic Tacs. Oh even thinking about it makes me feel rather ill though.

Jennifer Fitz

Neither cigarette smoke nor diesel fuel smell good to me, nor do I like over cast 60-something chilly days. But put all three together, and I immediately remember Strasbourg, and am happy.


Just learned this yesterday while reading from our Apologia General Science book. "The nerves that pass the signals from the olfactory cells to the brain are part of the limbic system, the part of the brain that deals with memories and emotions." So, they are intimately connected. This is only true with the sense of smell. Intersting.

When I smell the leaves in the fall I am reminded of a house we lived in when I was 10. It was the only house we ever lived in with a plethora of leaves.


I can kind of sympathize with the feelings about the smell of oil. The smell of tar reminds me of days spent at the La Brea tar pits museum in downtown LA as a kid (where the giant statuary mastadon struggled endlessly in a pit of tar out front, with a saber toothed tiger on his back) and of long ribbons of natural tar washing up on California beaches.

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