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03 July 2012


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One side note of wheat beers: Sufficiently righteous wheat beers not only have the cloudy overall look, but has a heavy shot of yeast accumulated at the bottom of the bottle. All purists agree that you should drink the yeast, which is part of the flavour, but there is dispute as to how. The two schools hold that either you should swirl the last quarter of the bottle around to get the yeast well stirred up (after pouring the rest of the bottle into a glass) and then pour the yeast into the glass, or else that you should pour off most of the bottle into a glass, then swirl up the yeast that remains and drink it straight as a sort of yeast shot.

Personally, I hold to the latter approach.

In other beer styles, if there's a lot of yeast at the bottom of the bottle you want to gently pour off and then discard the yeast, but wheat beer is an exception.


I just went looking through the bottoms of all my wheat beers, and while they are hazy, I don't see any visible precipitate or sediment. Sigh.

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