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23 July 2012


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Please identify these decent front-opening sports bras!


Google "moving comfort juno" (the most support) and "moving comfort fiona" (a bit less support, but easier to get into and out of). The straps are adjustable in front via velcro tabs, but they pull right out and then you can pull the cup down to nurse.


Seconding Sarah. Baby is almost two months old now, husband is emerging from his bar-studying hole, and I'm ready to get a little more active before the weather gets rough.

Emily J

It's interesting that this topic is getting press because of the amount of money being spent on workout gear. Workout clothes have definitely become more flattering. As someone who once was a serious runner, I always kind of crossed off women whose clothes looked too new or too stylish as real competition. You can tell the really good athletes by their mismatched clothes all by the same brand because they have a sponsorship.
But I'll admit I'm drawn in by new marketing. I'm tempted by these running clothes with silver alloys woven in to prevent perma-stench. Could you wear them for more than one or two workouts?


I don't know. I kind of live with perma-stench. I have two running outfits and two swimsuits and I try to remember to rotate them out of my gym bag, but I often forget. Mainly the problem is the towels.

I went on one shopping trip a couple of years ago, in which I bought 1 proper yoga outfit, 1 pair of running pants, and 1 running shirt. They didn't need to be trendy, but I did buy nice ones that haven't worn out. I think I have bought two or three items since, mostly to fill real needs (e.g. my hair got longer and I needed something to put it up in) not counting swimsuits which don't last that long. Several of my shirts are from 5k races. Oh, and I splurged on a set of maternity workout clothes last pregnancy. I do mean splurge. Only a couple of companies make them and they charge. But it made sense for me to have some.

What the advertisers really want is for the fitness craze to cause regular non-exercising people to run errands and take their kids to school wearing fitness wear, so that they look like people who are part of the fitness craze.


I pretty much live in my work out gear because I have to get up and go in the am and I can throw on a coordinated outfit and feel good about being out in public. After walking the dogs and kids to school, I hit the gym and then usually errands and such. Shower time is after lunch. Work out gear is so much better made, more comfortable and flattering that what stands for "casual wear" - ill fitting "mom jeans" and khakis. I


JMB, that's a good point -- if you have to multitask your day enough that you're going to appear in decent company in your workout clothes, they pretty much have to be good-looking workout clothes.

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