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12 July 2012


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Hmmm... This idea has a lot of appeal for me I must admit. I'm not sure I could realistically do a kitchen drawer. We have a very, very small kitchen.

However, my sister gave us a big bookcase when she moved out and so far I haven't filled it in completely. The bottom two shelves are empty still. I wonder if I could leave one of them deliberately empty.

Not that it's actually truly empty at the moment. I notice the kids have tossed a lotion bottle in there and a couple of wadded up tissues. I think I'd have my work cut out for me just keeping other people from putting stuff there. I wonder if the empty drawer lady has little kids.

Barbara C.

I was thinking the same thing, Melanie. We have an empty drawer in our computer desk, because I just knew anything that I put there a toddler would get into. I think my six-year-old has since filled it with little stuffed animals.

Although, I did start putting the headphones there for the kids to plug into the computer when they want to do so.

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