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25 July 2012


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Jennifer Fitz

When I find myself slammed on Saturday, trying to get everything done before Sunday, I remind myself the Israelites had to pick up twice as much manna the day before the sabbath. There's a sort of crescendo-rest-repeat pattern to the week, I find.

Also, it's easier to take a day off as a mom if you channel your inner orthodox Jew (sorry, I'll flip that light switch tomorrow), and ditch all those Norman Rockwell Sunday Dinner notions.

Barbara C.

This is something I really started working on in the past year...observing the Sabbath better. To me this means--not doing laundry or other major chores, not running tons of errands, not doing any big household repairs. I've allowed it to be time for little, meaningful projects like updating baby books, working on blog posts, organizing homeschool stuff--things that I personally find fun/stimulating even if to others it would be work.

I could probably do a better job of taking more "family time" playing with the kids on Sundays, although we have used that day for special activities recently. And sometimes I just feel the need to do a little bit of simple cleaning (sweeping the floor) just to avoid a headache from "too much" resting. But observing the Sabbath is a work in progress for me.


I liked the idea of working on really listening and nurturing relationships. I think this helps me find what's Sabbath-appropriate as a mother with younger children. Even though this often feels like work, when I'd rather just zone out or do something *I* want to do.... When I was in college, it was easier to say, "no homework, no laundry, yay hang out for hours at brunch after Mass with others also keeping Sunday!"

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