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18 July 2012


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Christy P.

Already sent this to my friends @ Poison Control Center. You may be posted on the breakroom fridge (or its virtual equivalent). How's it feel to be like a Dear Abby column?


Done. Thanks, put it in my phone for the future. William will be mobile before we know it! Now...hope I never have to call it ! :-)


Christy - I guess it feels pretty good :-)

Betsey - good for you! And I think it would be pretty hard to guarantee that you'll never have to call the PCC. The good news is that they are so helpful and friendly, it is worth calling them even if you only MAYBE think you might need to call them. Don't forget they are good for skin and eye irritants as well as for stuff that's been swallowed!

Christy P.

So through various connections, this blog post was shared with both the national and local poison control center that took the call, and the person who answered the call was, in fact, brought cupcakes.

May the circle be unbroken - when you see or hear of something good, share it!



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