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27 July 2012


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I am so a Catholic geek. And a homeschooling geek too. I used to think that most homeschoolers were homeschooling geeks as I was fortunate enough to find a group like that where I used to live. Now I find I am sadly mistaken, most I meet now are homeschooling because they don't like the other options. So they order some workbooks and keep the kids home. I miss hanging out with homeschooling geeks! At least there is the Internet... And at least I have found some Catholic geeks around here!

Christy P.

I fondly recall a Commons conversation about which is more heavy to lift - the container of whole milk or the container of skim milk. Equal volume, but one has higher proportion of water. Fun times those.


Scalzi's absolutely right, and says in a paragraph what I've been trying to write down since January: that crucial difference between geeks and hipsters.

...but a the same time, the phenomenon from the CNN article is very real. Really it's even broader. I've met plenty of genuinely geeky girls who do use their geekiness to keep a string of drooling boys dangling. It's really just a new expression of the bad old tendency to treat people like things.

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