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30 August 2012


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I love the way you think, bearing!


I love this post and can't wait to see how it comes to fruition in later discussions.

I have to confess I read way more Heinlein than was good for me when I was a teen. This syllabus has always fascinated me. It's fun to see it come up in this context.


So far I haven't been able to do much with it, but it was rattling around in my head and I had to let it out.

I think that where I want to go with it is to raise the question of whether it is the parent's duty to provide developed competency in the skills of adulthood, or only latent competency, so that the young adult can develop it himself.

Also to question whether those who have a "disability" with respect to any item of the necessary content of education are excused from it, so to speak, or if they are impaired from ever being emancipated; or if large numbers of people having such a "disability" with respect to any item can only mean that the item does not actually belong on the "necessary" list.


The developed vs latent competency question is a good one. I look forward to seeing you pull that one apart more.

And the questions about disability are very interesting too.


(Having read those Heinleins over a period of time, I'm pretty sure the character was Lazarus Long... I'm pretty sure he had other names, but that was his most common one.)

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